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YAMAX's Entertainment Business - focusing on world entertainment -
YAMAX is expanding our Business field into entertainment business such as TV and other visual Contents dealing, production, licensing and event coordination. In 2001, YAMAX started Visual contents business with dealing of extreme sports like Wrestling TV, Motor Sports, Motocross and so force.
In 2002, Yutaka "Charlie" Akagi used to work with World Championship Wrestling (WCW), a division of Turner Group as agent in Japan. He worked with Eric Bishoff (Current WWE RAW Brand genegal manager).
He produced Japanese edition of WCW programs, "Monday Nitro" "WCW Thunder" "WCW WorldWide", also superstars behind scene footage like "GOLDBERG WHO's NEXT ?"
He travelled with Masao Tiger Hattori (former New Japan Pro.Wrestling Chie booker and referee) to create special footage "Eye of the Tiger" which was very fresh idea in TV.
In 2002, YAMAX produced CMLL (Conseo Mundial de Lucha Libre) which is a top Mexican Wrestling Company with Dr. Lucha (Mr. Tsutomu Shimizu, an executive of Gong magazine) TV series as first appearance in Japan.
In regard to event coordinate, with having a connection with American promoters, We have been producing and directing ALL JAPAN Pro Wrestling Official Video Series and TV Program in Cable and Satellite since July 2000.
We also coordinated 2003 ALL JAPAN Pro.Wrestling US Tour and created a dream match like Kaz Hayashi vs AJ Styles.
As a part of visual contents business, Charlie Akagi used to contribute to sign a contract with SFX Sports (current Clear Channel Entertainment Sports), one of the largest Entertainment and Ad Agency Group.
We, YAMAX will put our goal to introduce and produce world entertainment contents widely.
Our Entertainment Work
Wrestling TV and Video production
 WCW Monday Nitro TV series
 WCW Thunder TV Series
 WCW Super Star Series
 MLW (Major League Wrestling) TV Series
 ROH (Ring of Honor) TV series
 WWA (World Wrestling ALL-Star) Special
 ALL JAPAN Pro. Wrestling TV and official video
 CMLL (Conseo Mundial de Lucha Libre) TV Series
 Glory - Classic American Wrestling - TV series
 New Japan Los Angeles TOUKON event TV Production
Documentary Series
Giant Baba's 7'th anniversary Event in Korakuen and Budokan
Human Documentary - Genichiro Tenryu
 Human Survival Documentary- Toshiaki Kawada
 50th Japan Wrestling History Special TV Program
Jushin Thunder Liger Documentary "Rising Sprit of Liger"
GAME and Other Entertainment
  Magic the Gathering World Champion in YOKOHAMA 2001
 2002 Satoshi Kojima's tour with MLW
 2003 ALL JAPAN US Tour
 2003 TEXAS Explosion Event
 2004 CTPW Summer Bash
Talent Management
Michael Shane
The Great Kazushi (ALL JAPAN's Kazushi Miyamoto)
 The Amazing Red
  SAT (Spanish Announce Team)
 Team 6p4 (six point four) event and manage
 Psycho Simpson (Psycho the Death in Hustle)

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